Determine Your Own Rules, Live Peacefully

Navigate the complexities of life in the midst of infidelity with grace. Center yourself in decisions, liberate your present from the past & create a future you look forward to.

14 years of experience in 1 course

In 2010, I stood at the crossroads of a life that held promise but left me feeling utterly hollow inside. Little did I know, the choices I was about to make would plunge me into a world where the forbidden would become an irresistible refuge.

Within the confines of my first marriage, I stumbled upon a side of myself that was as unfamiliar as it was intoxicating – an affair that dismantled my core beliefs, shattered my sense of character, and left me questioning the very fabric of my morality. It was a complex dance of emotions, where the allure of the forbidden clashed with the undeniable pleasure it brought.

Have you ever found yourself questioning reality, wondering if the weight you bear is truly yours to carry alone? I was haunted by the fear that I had the power to manipulate false emotions in others and myself. This burden weighed heavily on me, as I felt responsible for the future of my first husband, the man I fell in love with, his children, and his wife who didn’t have a choice in the matter.

Then, amidst the chaos of that tumultuous season, a wise woman uttered a phrase that would change everything: "You fell in love."

Those words shattered the illusion of control, opening my eyes to the possibility of love in the most unconventional of circumstances.

Thus began my journey of self-discovery. "Decide Confidently, Live Boldly" is not just a course; it's a lifeline for women who, like you and me, have felt the weight of choices and the pain of secrets.

Since the affair, I've unearthed the resilience within, discovering the power of self-sufficiency and self-reliance. I found equilibrium in life, learned the delicate dance of healthy dependence, and honed the ability to shape my reality with a healthier mindset. This course is not a judgment; it's a guiding light, offering you the tools to unearth your own truths.

▶︎ Are you a woman who, like me, felt the need for punishment, grappling with a sense of responsibility for every fractured relationship around you?

▶︎ Do you live with the constant fear of being exposed, realizing that the double life you lead is unsustainable?

▶︎ Do you, too, feel like you're navigating a world of deception, tiptoeing on eggshells with every step?

Join me in this transformative experience, where the pain of your past can become the catalyst for building the foundation for a confident, bold future. Discover the freedom that has always been within your grasp, hone in on your problem-solving skills, and position your expectations to work in your favor.

It's time to decide with confidence and live boldly – because, ultimately, it's about reclaiming your narrative, finding your belonging, and crafting a life that feels undeniably yours.

What to expect:

▶︎ Approximately 6 hours of educational and experiential lessons & worksheets
▶︎ 1 launch call where you can ask me anything related to the course
▶︎ 1 follow up group call, where you ask me any unanswered questions
▶︎ Lifetime access to the course & recordings
▶︎ A chance to win some merch

What we'll cover:

Module 1

Insight into yourself & how to experience a healthy and loving relationship

Module 2

Let go.
Give voice to your thoughts & feelings.

Module 3

Skills to manage your thought life.

Module 4

Owning your personal responsibility & make the decisions you want to make.

Module 5

Make peace with what is already gone.
Live today, resentment free from the past.

Module 6

The power of words & how to influence your life in a positive direction.
I've been waiting for this!

Meet our clients

I don't know where it would be if I didn't find you.

I don't know where it would be if I didn't read other people's stories and

Oh my God.

I'm not the only one.

Where were you before the coaching?
I was very anxious. I was confused about what I wanted. I wanted things that were not well thought out and were probably not very true to my own authentic self.

Where were you after the coaching?
I feel very much at peace. I've been able to really learn how to think through things in a very healthy manner. I was able to give myself a voice. I've been able to really trust myself, trust my gut.

What are you looking forward to do now?
I have lived in fear for probably most of my existence. So turning the page and being able to live with intentionality, authenticity and feeling, and figuring out what my own wants, dreams, desires are for me, and not because of anyone else around me, that is something I'm looking forward to doing and continuing to do.

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  • Expected launch 30th April 2024