Where infidelity is discussed openly.

Heal from your affair and build a better relationship with yourself.

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Are you a good person who found yourself in a bad situation?

This community has the sole purpose to help you heal as the individual.

Shame and pity doesn’t exist here.

You are free to share your story, ask questions and expect a supporting community to guide you towards a path of an authentic existence.

In my experience, there is no better way to heal with a bullet proof support system.

That's why I built the Other Women (OW) community.

Whether you are looking to talk about your affair, looking to help other people heal from one or learn more about the topic and how it affects people, this community is for you.

In the community you will have access to monthly live Q&A sessions with me (Chelsea), like-minded members, unlimited Q&A forums and a protected environment to promote a genuinely fulfilled life.

If you are serious about healing from your affair this community is for you.

Our Shared Goals


In an environment where shame & guilt has been felt by every single member, you can heal from it.


Understand yourself. The reason of your choices, of infidelity and what you can learn from your experiences.


Grow into the next version of you. Cultivate self-love, acceptance and grow into the person who’s first priority is you.


Build friendships with people who understand what you went through. The positive & the negative. It’s all a learning experience.

The Bottom Line..

We help other women reclaim the relationship with themselves and heal from their affair by talking about their infidelity openly and building a strong support system.

Ask questions

Learn from my experience

Hey, Chelsea here. The OW community is where I'm investing the majority of my time outside of creating new content (and parenting!).

I want to help as many people as possible heal from their affair. And I believe the best way for me to be successful is to ensure that the people do not feel alone in their experience.

So I created The OW community so that I could invest more time and effort in "other women" helping them overcome shame & guilt post affair.

Tiktok is great, but I can't help you with content alone.

Becoming a healthy, happy individual requires reflection, knowledge, and above all - time.

The best way to support you on that journey is through an ongoing relationship.

A place where I can share what I have learned and what I continue to learn.

That means that inside OW, I'm extremely active in the forum. I also host monthly live sessions where you can ask me any questions.

The OW community is where I'm able to personalise my experience and insight to you and your specific situation.

And even better - it's a space for us all to learn together in real time.

The support you need but can’t get from your family or friends

You know what it feels like.

Shame, guilt, love, desire.

There are many emotions that come with being a human and we often focus on the ones we feel like we can’t control.

There is so much to learn from other people’s stories that aren’t told.

We are here to focus our attention on who we are and why we behave the way that we do.

The OW community is an opportunity to get the help, support and clarity you need to become and individual who can participate in meaningful sustainable relationships with no need for deceit.

You are not alone..

"I am currently in an affair and it is so hard not to have someone to talk to."
"My husband had two affairs prior to mine. Few people know about mine. But, I don't have anyone to really talk about what is going on. Not really sure what I'm looking for. Maybe a sounding board?"
"I've been following your story on TikTok. Thank you for what you're doing. Giving a space to people who are in or have been in this situation is extremely helpful when dealing with the INTENSE shame. I'd love to join the community you've mentioned! I had an affair earlier this year and we both are leaving our marriages. It's extremely hard and isolating."
"I have been sooooooooooooo lonely in my situation and been going through so much emotions with no one to talk to who can understand my situation."

What’s waiting for you inside?

  • Monthly live Q&A calls with Chelsea, discussing infidelity
  • A forum where you can ask unlimited questions
  • Like-minded other women from all over the world
  • Support and encouragement from fellow members

Let's recap...


Member Forum + Chat

Access to our community forum and our real-time chat app.


1:1 Coaching

Monthly live calls where you can ask me any questions.


Content club

A monthly discussion of a movie or book about relationships.

Join The Women's community

Community Subscription
per quarter
  • Monthly live community call
  • A forum to ask unlimited questions
  • Like-minded OW from all over the world
  • Support and encouragement from fellow members
Premium Subscription
per quarter
  • Monthly live community calls
  • A forum to ask unlimited questions
  • Like-minded OW from all over the world
  • Support and encouragement from fellow members
  • 1 x 1:1 Hot Seat per quarter (Live Coaching Session inside the community)


Can you create anonymous profiles?
Yes, you can create fake or real profiles. It's up to you.

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Can I as the OM offer a membership to my OW?
Yes, you can offer a membership.
Send an email to hello@towtw.com and we are happy to help you out.

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